four hens

I was fortunate enough to win the Urban Tree Festival’s prose writing competition 2021. As well as having my flash fiction, My Blackthorn is a Tree published in the anthology Canopy, I got the opportunity to have a chapbook published. The result is Henstory, beautifully illustated by Sampson Low.

It’s part memoir, part nature writing (if hens count as “nature”- I think they do). Hard to describe, it’s my reflection on pregnancy and having a child with a “life limiting” medical condition…and keeping hens. (Somehow, I’m not quite sure when or why, the two become inexorably linked).

From the back cover-

Filled with precise observations of life at its most precarious, these flash fictions explore genesis, evolution and hope. Hen Story is a fabulous collection with a breathable, fragile shell and a rich yoked heart. You’ll want to crack it open over and again.