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PHEASANT Not ice, just a crust of frost baked mud, rutted with the memory of rain. Warmth forgotten, beaten down by broken bracken, distant snap of dog frozen in the air. Helmeted green, duck sleek and red eyed, hop-strutting towards us. Wise guy this one; canny enough not to fly.


Vive la France !

This week NEC have published their “interview” with me on the French GCSE course. Link here. I love all things French and one of my Lockdown resolutions was to improve my spoken language. Time will tell if that’s worked, as the acid test will be when we finally head back South. In the meantime, both …

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As part of my prize in the Urban Tree Festival, I have a chapbook published. While absolutely thrilled, this also gave me a bit of a headache as I had nothing anywhere near ready. However, after much angst and even more coffee, I’m pleased that the draft has now gone off to the publisher for …


Nature thumbnail II

The view from my room: a crumbling wall. Until sun beams though brick shaped gaps, when I glimpse the world beyond; gardens wild with valerian and dogrose, mistle thrush and fox. Shade reveals closer mysteries; old cement tracks filled with velveteen moss, seed heads raised, like tiny triffids, seeking light. The above was written and …